A Born Actress

Since before I knew what Acting was, I was an Actress. To my, now, utter embarrassment I created my first character at the tender age of 3. A character I called "Charming Girl" who wore a big blonde wig and pretty much just pouted and posed and giggled... Older Me winces at the horrendously anti-feminist stereotype Younger Me fell into, but hey, I was 3 and all I remember was making my parents laugh and that made me happy; and thus my journey began. A couple of years later my then primitive experience of Acting lead me to learn my Disney films by heart and 'perform' these roles with the films on in the background. Whilst this is somewhat embarrassing to admit; I hope it's clear how much Movies have been part of my life and I make it my job to watch Films as much as possible. I'll watch anything, but my biggest movie genre loves are anything to do with Space or based on History. To me, Films are the stuff of magic in the way they educate, entertain, incite wonder and imagination and ultimately for the way they move me. I can think of nothing more perfect than being part of that 'awakening' for someone else.

As a child I enrolled in a part-time stage school called Stagecoach, where I excelled winning the award for the "Most Out-Standing Student" on more than one occasion. At 14 I was one of only two children in England to be awarded the highest grade for my LAMDA exam which was then published in the stage magazine "Mask".

Performing regularly in productions both in and out of school cemented my love of Acting and I acquired my first Agent at age 15. From then I began to gain experience on high profile sets such as the Harry Potter franchise, National Treasure 2, Batman Dark Knight, and Victor Frankenstein, as well as cutting my teeth on the London Fringe-Theatre circuit. I have performed in notable venues such as the Lyric Hammersmith, Soho Theatre, Riverside Studios and many others across London as well as with the notable Kevin Spacey founded company Old Vic New Voices. Since graduating from St Mary’s University with a BA (Hons) in Drama and Theatre Arts, I have also been lucky enough to perform alongside notable Thespians such as Simon Callow, Vanessa Redgrave and Don Warrington in a private Shakespearean Gala.

My latest role in feature film “The Unfamiliar” is due for cinematic release in 2020, in which I play Hawaiian spiritual healer Auntie Mae.

I have considerable experience in Theatre, Films, Television and Commercials, and hope to have a long career doing what I love!

Please check out my reel below


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